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If you would prefer not to receive e-cards from members of jacquielawson.com, we can add your email address to our "suppression list". This will prevent any of our members from sending you an e-card from our website. However, please read the following first.

If you're worried about our e-cards damaging your computer, please rest assured that they are perfectly safe! They all use the Flash software which is the industry standard for web-based animation and is produced by Macromedia Inc., a huge and reputable US software company. If you are unhappy about clicking a link in an email, you can always view your card another way: go to our Pickup Card page, and enter your card code which you will find in your original notification email.

But if you really don't like e-cards, we do understand - please read on!

In order to stop people from sending you our e-cards, we will have to keep your email address on our database. If your aim in visiting this page is to have your email address removed from our lists, this may not be what you wanted. However, please be assured that if you do add your email address to our suppression list then that will be absolutely the only purpose for which it is used, and we will not send you any other email whatsoever, nor divulge your email address to anyone else at all, unless required to do so by legal authority.

If you do not wish to have your address added to our suppression list, but you are receiving our e-cards from an individual and would rather not, please forward the original e-mail to help@jacquielawson.com. We will then contact the member concerned and ask them (tactfully!) not to send any more e-cards to your address.

Please note that we can only stop people from sending you mail if it comes direct from our website. If someone chooses to forward you the link to an e-card using their own e-mail program, there is of course nothing we can do to stop this.

Finally, please understand that we do not maintain any mailing lists and we do not send any email to anyone except our fully paid-up members. If you came to this page in order to have your address removed from our mailing lists, we cannot help you for the simple reason that we don't have a mailing list! If you believe you have received a mailing from us which you should not have, please forward it to help@jacquielawson.com so we can investigate why it was sent to you. Apart from the e-cards themselves, which are sent by the individual members of jacquielawson.com, the only mail we send is to our existing paid-up members. If you are a paid-up member and wish to cancel your membership or unsubscribe from some of our mailings, then please click here.

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