How do I download and install the Advent Calendar or Circus?

These instructions assume that you have purchased the Advent Calendar or Circus, or that someone else has purchased it for you as a gift. Either way you should have received an e-mail which includes a link to the appropriate product page, and an activation code.

If you have not received this e-mail then please follow the instructions here to re-send the e-mail. If this was a gift from someone else, then please ask that person to log-on to our website and follow those instructions. When you have the e-mail with the product link and activation code, please click the link provided in the e-mail, and you will be taken to the correct page for the relevant product.

We strongly recommend that you use the link in the notification e-mail to proceed to the product page – this will ensure you are using the correct product, and it will also mean that your activation code should be entered for you automatically. However if for some reason you are unable to click the link in your notification e-mail, and if you have your activation code, then you can click the appropriate link below to get to the correct page:

Before you go any further you may want to make sure your computer (or tablet) satisfies the minimum technical requirements for the Advent Calendar and Circus: please click here for details.

Opening the Victorian Advent Calendar on an iPad

On the iPad, the Victorian Advent Calendar runs in your normal web browser. There is nothing to download and install. Simply click the link in your notification e-mail (or as described above) and then click the Get Started button on the product page. The first time you do this, you'll be asked for your activation code. Don't forget to bookmark the page to make it easy to come back to the Advent Calendar each day of December!

Unfortunately the Circus and Christmas Market Advent Calendar cannot be used on an iPad.

Opening the Advent Calendars or Circus on a PC or Mac computer

Click the link in your notification e-mail (or as described above) and then click the Download button on the product page. If there is no Download button, please see this help page. Or, if there is a download button but nothing happens when you click it, then you may need to install Adobe AIR separately. Please consult this page for further instructions.

During the download process, keep your browser open at the download page – if you do this, then your activation code should be entered automatically for you. The download file is quite large so please be patient.

When your download completes, you may need to click on the downloaded file to start the installation process (this varies according to which web browser program you are using), or you may receive a prompt asking you whether you wish to open or save the file: click "open".

You should now see a window showing that the publisher of the program is Microcourt Limited (that's our official company name) and confirming that our identity has been verified. Now click the "Install" button.

The next window will ask for various installation preferences – for example, whether you would like to add a shortcut to your desktop. You may see an option to install Adobe AIR on your computer: see this FAQ for details of what AIR is and why you need to install it. Click "Continue".

After installation you'll be asked for your activation code. If it is not entered automatically for you, copy the code from your notification e-mail and paste it in the space provided.

If the installation fails for some reason, please check out our troubleshooter.

Web versions of the Advent Calendars

If you're using a PC or Mac computer, we recommend downloading and installing the AIR version of the Advent Calendars as described above. However it is also possible to run the Advent Calendars (but not the Circus) in your normal web browser. This is handy for anyone who doesn't want to install AIR, or where there is some kind of compatibility problem which is preventing AIR from installing on their computer.

For more details of the web versions, please click here.

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