What is Adobe AIR and why do I need it?

AIR is a program published by the huge American software company Adobe. In technical terms, it's called a "runtime environment": it doesn't actually do anything itself, but it provides the environment for other programs to run. Specifically, it makes it possible for animations created for the Flash Player to run on computers – both Windows and Macs – without using a web browser.

So, with the help of AIR, we're able to offer programs like the Advent Calendars and Circus, which you can download to your computer and run independently of your web browser and the internet. Once you've downloaded and installed these programs you don't even need to be connected to the internet to enjoy them – whereas all our e-cards use a web browser and therefore require an internet connection.

I'm using an iPad – do I need AIR?

No. Our Victorian Advent Calendar works on an iPad using your normal web browser.

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