I need to resend an Advent Calendar, Circus, or Gift Membership

Please start by logging in to jacquielawson.com by entering your e-mail address and password in the spaces provided in the upper right-hand corner of any page on our site. If there's a welcome message up in that corner, then you're already logged in!

Then click here to go to the Order History page (or click "Order History" in the orange menu bar which appears after you've logged on).

Click the tab for the relevant type of gift (e.g. Circus, or Gift Membership). This will show a list of all the gifts you have sent so far, in pages of 10 recipients at a time. Page through the list until you find the recipient to whom you wish to resend the gift.

Please note: For Advent Calendars and Circus, all your gifts are shown, including those which have been activated (and therefore cannot now be re-sent). However for technical reasons, once a Gift Membership is redeemed, it disappears off this list, and therefore only those Gift Memberships which have not yet been redeemed are shown here.

If the reason you need to re-send the gift is that the recipient's name or address has changed, or you just want to send the gift to a different recipient, then click "Change" to the right of that recipient. This will allow you to edit the name and e-mail address for that recipient. When you've finished, click the "Update and Save" button at the bottom of the page. This will cause a fresh notification e-mail to be sent using the new information.

If the reason for re-sending is that the recipient didn't receive the e-mail the first time, then there are two possible causes. One possibility is that the e-mail address you gave is incorrect, so it's worth double-checking just in case. It's surprising how easy it is to type an e-mail address incorrectly – here are a few common examples:

If you did make a mistake, follow the above process to change the address and re-send.

If you're quite sure that the e-mail address is correct, then the likely explanation for non-receipt of the original e-mail is that a spam filter intercepted it. For that reason there's no point in just sending it again, because the same thing will probably happen next time. Instead:

The reason this works is that the e-mail will be coming directly from you rather than from our servers, and it is very unlikely that a spam filter will intercept mail coming from a private individual such as yourself.

Please do not ask us to re-send the e-mail for you – we are unable to do that.

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