I lost my activation code for the Advent Calendar or Circus

If your Advent Calendar or Circus was purchased for you as a gift, then you should have received an e-mail which includes a link to the correct download page, and an activation code. If you no longer have this e-mail, please ask the person who gave you the gift to log-on to our website and re-send it following the instructions below.

If you are the person who purchased the Advent Calendar or Circus, either for yourself or for someone else, then you can view the activation code for your purchased products on your Order History page. Just log-on to jacquielawson.com, and click here to go to the Order History page (or click "Order History" in the orange menu bar which appears after you've logged on). Then select the tab for the product you purchased. Your purchases will be listed ten at a time so you may need to page down to see them all.

You can then simply copy and paste the activation codes and e-mail them to any of your gift recipients.

You can also use the Resend option on the Order History page to send a new e-mail to the recipient, complete with the activation code and download link.

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