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What is Adobe Air and why do I need it?

Adobe Air is a program by Adobe that makes programs like the Advent Calendar and Quick Send Widget possible. Normally our animations, which are created using a program called Flash, can only be viewed in a web browser (such as Internet Explorer). Adobe Air allows us to take the Flash animations and turn them into a program that you can download and run on your computer independently of your web browser.

I am unable to install Adobe Air

If you are unable to install Adobe Air through the Advent Calendar, Circus or Quick Send Widget download links then please click here to download Air directly from Adobe.

Please note: Our downloadable applications require Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or newer for PC and OS X 10.6 or newer for Mac, with a minimum of 512MB of RAM. If your computer meets these requirements and you are still unable to successfully install Adobe Air, then please click here for Adobe's support for common download issues.

You can also select "No" to the question at the bottom of this page and click "Continue" to contact us directly. You will need to include any specific error messages you receive when you try to download Adobe Air.

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