I downloaded a Circus but I am unable to activate it

If you are unable to activate your Circus then please copy the activation code from your notification e-mail and paste it into the window. Do not hand-type the activation code. The activation code is in the form of CABCD-EFGH-IJKM.

Please verify that you are using the exact activation code. If you are still unable to activate the Circus then please select No to the question at the bottom of this page and clicking Continue. This will take you a page to contact us directly.

Please include the following:

  1. The e-mail address of the member who sent you the Circus or your e-mail address if you purchased the Circus.

  2. Any specific error messages you receive when you try to activate the Circus.

  3. The activation code you received in the notification e-mail.

We will review your information and help you to finish installing and activating the Circus.

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