I am trying to view a card

When I view a card I get a blank screen

Unfortunately there are a number of potential reasons you will see a blank screen when you try to view one of our cards. Please follow these steps carefully to resolve this issue.

First, clear your browser cache

Your browser may have received a bad copy of the animation - e.g. if there was a communications error on the Internet - and if so, it may have "cached" the bad copy - i.e. stored it in its internal memory. Please click on your browser for specific instructions to clear your cache.

Now try to view the card again.

Disable any web accelerators

If you are using a web accelerator to speed up download of websites, disable it. If you don't know what a web accelerator is, you almost certainly don't have one, so ignore this step.

Update your copy of the Flash Player

Please click here for directions to update Flash. Once you finish, try to view the card again.

Check your security settings.

One other possibility is that there's some kind of third-party security or privacy software, or possibly a setting in your browser's security options, which is preventing the card from displaying. Correcting this will obviously depend on exactly what software you have, and may be beyond the scope of any assistance we are able to give you. However, if you are unable to resolve this yourself and would like us to try to help, please answer "No" below and proceed to the next page, where you will be able to send us a request for personal assistance from our help desk.

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