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Why do I have to download the flash player?

Jacquie's animated e-cards use a software program called Flash which provides the means of displaying animated graphics with music. Flash is currently the only widely-supported tool for displaying web-based animations, and without it, these cards simply could not exist.

Since about the mid-1990s, Flash has been installed automatically on all Windows and Apple computers. The player is automatically included with all common browser programs, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Therefore, the chances are that you already have the Flash Player on your computer and that it's been there since you bought the computer. However, it's possible that the copy you have is out of date or has become damaged, and you may therefore need to download an updated version to view or send our e-cards.

The Flash Player software is a product of a large US software company called Adobe.

To load the latest version, please click here and follow the instructions on the window which will pop up.

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