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Questions about cookies

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small item of data which a website server sends to your computer. In our case, when you log on our server looks up your e-mail address in our database and sends your computer a cookie containing your membership details. Thereafter, when you visit different pages in our site, our computer can detect by the presence of the cookie that you have logged on and are allowed to send cards, for example Without the cookie it would be impossible to differentiate between logged-on members and casual visitors to the site. This is true of any membership-based site, not just ours.

We also use "analytics" cookies to help us improve our website, for example by keeping track of which pages are visited most often. Analytics cookies don't contain any personal information.

There are two types of cookie - "permanent" cookies, which are stored on your computer's disk, and "session" cookies, which are only stored in the browser's memory and therefore are automatically deleted when you quit the browser. Normally, we only use session cookies, which is why you have to log on again every time you come back to the site ? but if you request the automatic logon feature, a permanent cookie will be placed on your computer to enable this.

Specific instructions on how to manage cookies in the most common internet browser programs are given below.

Please note that if you disable or block our cookies, you will not be able to log on to our website, even if you are a member!

I've read that cookies can be a bad thing!

Some companies use cookies to try to give you advertisements which they think will be relevant to you, and some companies share this information between different websites. For example if you visit a website about cars, then you might find that you start seeing advertisements for cars on other websites too! Some people feel that this is an infringement of their privacy.

But as you know, here at jacquielawson.com we don't do advertisements at all, so none of this applies to us, and none of our cookies are used for bad purposes!

I have enabled cookies but I still get a cookie error when I log on

If you have followed all the instructions to enable cookies, but you still get the error message about cookies, please check to see if you have any other security or privacy software installed on your computer. Unfortunately, there are a lot of products available which have cookie control features and it's not possible for us to give instructions for all of them.

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