Payment and renewals

I would like to pay by cheque but cannot find your address

You will need to go through the Join Us or Renewals sections of our site to find our mailing address.

Please click Join Us (or Renewals if appropriate) in the menu above, and just follow the process through, remembering to select the required payment method - cheque or money order - at the end. This will result in a form being displayed in black on white - this is because you should print this form and send it with your payment.

Our postal address is clearly printed on the form.

Please do not send a payment without including this form. Time and time again we have received postal requests for membership, with a cheque included but no contact details, and no email address (or an incorrect or illegible one).

Also, the form includes a barcode which makes it quick and easy for us to call up your details on the computer and confirm your payment. That means your membership is activated more quickly, and by keeping our costs low, helps us keep the membership fee as low as possible.

If you do not have a printer, please just copy the details from the form (don't worry about that barcode!) onto a plain sheet of paper and include that instead.

Note: We do not accept cash as a form of payment. Please click here for more information about the forms of payment we accept.

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