Sending e-cards

I sent the card to the correct address but the recipient says it never arrived

If a recipient says that a card you sent was never delivered, the first thing to check is whether we received your request to send the card. You can check this by logging on to and clicking the Card History option in the menu above. (Note: you must log on first or this option will not be visible.)

If the card is listed as having been sent, then you can be sure that it has left our server. However, just because the card was sent does not mean the recipient will have seen it! Many mail services include spam filtering facilities which will file suspect mail in a "quarantine" area, or even simply delete it. These facilities may be in addition to the Spam folder settings that your recipient has access to.

If you are able to send an e-mail to that address, and are positive that it is correct, then a useful technique for getting around spam filters is as follows. First, send the e-card to yourself ? i.e. enter your own email address as the recipient. A few seconds later you will receive the e-card. Now, just forward that e-mail on to the original intended recipient!

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