I sent a card to the correct address but the recipient says it never arrived

If a recipient says that a card you sent was never delivered, the first thing to check is whether we received your request to send the card. You can check this by clicking the Card History option in the orange menu above. (Note: you must log-on first or this option will not be visible.)

If the card isn't listed in Card History then we probably didn't receive your request to send it. But check on the Cards Pending page too: the card would be shown here if you inadvertently selected a future date on which to send it. For more details of Cards History and Cards Pending, click here.

Another possible reason that a card might not be sent is if you selected to attach Gift Membership or some other gift to the card, and then failed to complete the payment process.

But if the card is listed in Card History as having been sent, then you can be absolutely certain we did indeed send it!

If it was sent but not received, then the first thing to do is to double-check the e-mail address you gave: it's surprising how often people make small errors in e-mail addresses – for example, typing .com instead of .net or vice-versa, or a letter O instead of a number 0, or transposing letters or digits. Try to find a recent e-mail from the intended recipient: this will show their correct address in the "From" section at the top, so you can check you typed it correctly.

If the e-mail address is correct and the card is shown in Card History, then it should have arrived at the recipient's service provider. But unfortunately, once an e-mail leaves our server it is outside our control, and many service providers and e-mail programs include spam filtering, which hides away what they consider to be suspect mail in a "quarantine" area, or even simply blocks it altogether. Usually, this can be resolved by asking your recipient to add cards@jacquielawson.com to their e-mail address book, since this is the address from which our cards are sent. Or, if they have an anti-spam program they should be able to "whitelist" that address. Then when they've done that you can re-send the card (there's an option to do this in the Card History page).

If this doesn't work, then there's a very useful technique which almost always works to bypass a spam filter. Send the e-card again, but this time, enter your own e-mail address as the recipient. A few seconds later you will receive the e-card in your mailbox. Now, all you have to do is forward that e-mail on to the original intended recipient. Because the mail is coming directly from you rather than from us, it's less likely to be blocked as potential spam.

My cards sent to Yahoo! Groups are not received

Most Yahoo Groups only allow members to post to the group. This means that if the "From" e-mail address on an e-mail sent to the group isn't listed as a member, the e-mail will be blocked. Our cards are sent from cards@jacquielawson.com.

There are two ways to work around this problem.

  1. Send the e-card to yourself. When you receive the e-card, simply forward it to the Yahoo Group. This way the e-mail will come from your e-mail address, so it shouldn't be blocked.
  2. The following directions were provided by Yahoo to add our address as an alternate posting address for the group:
    • Sign into the Yahoo Group and go to the "My E-mail Preferences" page.
    • Under the "Options" column to the right of the subscribed e-mail address, click the "Edit" link.
    • In the "Alternate Posting Addresses" section, you can enter up to 5 additional addresses that you would like to use to post messages. Add cards@jacquielawson.com here.
    • Click the "Save Changes" button when you're finished.
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