I have a question about the Quick Send Widget

What is the Quick Send Widget?

The Quick Send Widget is a clever little app which you can download free of charge and run on your desktop. It includes a calendar for keeping track of major holidays and birthdays, a reminder feature for the events listed on your calendar, and announcements of our new cards. It also links directly to our site to make it really easy to send a card.

The Widget appears on your desktop as a working image of Big Ben, possibly the most famous clock in the world. It'll automatically synchronise with your computer's clock, and has options to chime every hour, every quarter hour (just like the real thing), or not at all. The chimes are of course a recording of Big Ben itself!

I'm having trouble installing the Quick Send Widget

We're sorry to hear that. Please try the following steps:

  1. Make sure your computer satisfies the minimum technical requirements: please click here for details
  2. Review your security settings. There are a large number of security programs available and sadly we cannot give specific advice for each one, but you will need to check your anti-virus and/or firewall programs, and in each case verify that your system is not blocking downloads from jacquielawson.com or adobe.com.
  3. Uninstall any existing copy of the Quick Send Widget. Please see the instructions here.
  4. Install Adobe AIR. Please click here and follow the instructions.
  5. Ensure you have the most up-to-date Flash Player. Please click here and follow the instructions.
  6. Restart your computer.
  7. Re-install the Quick Send Widget. Please click here and follow the instructions.
  8. Restart your computer again. Please power down your computer and wait a couple of minutes before switching it back on.

How do I uninstall the Quick Send Widget?

Please follow the instructions here.

How do I get the Quick Send Widget to show birthday reminders?

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to register with us so that we can set you up with an address book. Please note that registration is not the same as becoming a paid member – you can register for free (although you won't be able to send our e-cards unless you become a paid member).

If you are not registered already then you can register through the Quick Send Widget. Simply select "Options & Log On" from the main menu and click "Log On". There's a link to register at the bottom of the "Log On" window.

Your birthday reminders are stored in your jacquielawson.com Address Book. Please log on and then click here to go to the Address Book page (or click "Address Book" in the orange menu bar which appears after you've logged on).

Follow the instructions in the Address Book to enter or update your family and friends' names, e-mail addresses and birthdays.

Why can't I hear the chimes of Big Ben?

There are a number of reasons you may not hear Big Ben chiming. Please try the following checks:

  1. Make sure the Quick Send Widget is running. You'll only hear the chimes if the program is running!
  2. Verify the chimes settings. Click on Big Ben to open the main menu and select "Options & Log On/Off". The chimes will only play at the times selected. If necessary, update the settings and close the window.
  3. Make sure you are able to hear other sounds from your computer – e.g. music
  4. Make sure your volume is turned up and not muted.
  5. Check that your speakers have power, are plugged into your computer, and are turned on.
  6. Try simply restarting your computer – it sounds silly but we've had reports that this does sometimes solve problems with the chimes.

How do I change the chime settings?

You can edit your chime settings by selecting the "Options & Log On" button from the main menu of the Quick Send Widget. You can choose if you want the chimes to play all day, only between 8am and 8pm, or not at all. If you do select to have the chimes play then they can mark every hour or every 15 minutes.

You can also disable or mute the chimes by clicking on the "Turn Chime Off" button on the main menu. This will automatically change the options so the chimes do not play at all, and will mute them if they are playing at the time. Clicking the "Turn Chime On" button will restore your previous settings.

Logging on

Open the main menu and click on the "Options & Log On" button. There is a space at the top of the window to log onto your www.jacquielawson.com account. This will allow the Quick Send Widget to display your family and friends' birthdays on the calendar, and to take you directly to the send page when you select to send a card.

Using the calendar

Click on "View Calendar" from the main menu or select "View Calendar" from Today's Reminders. The calendar will open to the current month and show you any birthdays or holidays with an icon on the appropriate day. You can click on a holiday or birthday to see more information, like the name of the person's birthday, and select a link to send a card. Clicking on the link will open your browser to the appropriate card category on our site.

You can view any month for up to a year in advance by clicking on the blue down arrow to the right of the current month.

Sending an e-card or note card

Select the "Send an e-card" or "Send a note card" button from the main menu. A new window will open with a selection of cards we've highlighted based on popularity, time of year, and any upcoming holidays. If you are logged on then you can click on any card to open your browser and go directly to the send page for that card. If you are not logged on then you will need to log on once our website loads.

You can open the card category page for the selected cards (e.g. birthday, thinking of you, Halloween, etc.) by clicking the category name on the "Send an e-card" page.

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