Sending e-cards

My cards sent to Yahoo Groups are not received

Most Yahoo Groups only allow members to post to the group. This means that if the "From" e-mail address on an e-mail sent to the group isn't listed as a member, the e-mail will be blocked. Our cards are sent from

There are two ways to work around this issue:

  1. Send the e-card to yourself. When you receive the e-card notification you can forward the e-mail to the Yahoo Group. This way the e-mail will come from your e-mail address.

  2. The following directions were provided by Yahoo to add our address as an alternate posting address for the group:

    1. Sign into the Yahoo Group and go to the My Email Preferences page.

    2. Under the "Options" column to the right of the subscribed email address, click the "Edit" link.

    3. In the "Alternate Posting Addresses" section, you can enter up to 5 additional addresses that you would like to use to post messages. You will want to add here.

    4. Click the "Save Changes" button when you're finished.

    The alternate posting email address allows you to post messages from an address other than the one specified when you joined Yahoo! Groups.

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