Chudleigh's Page

OK, so this is where we have to come clean!

Chudleigh is not in fact a chocolate Labrador as implied in all the cards. He is in fact a Chocolate Labrador x Springer Spaniel. Deepest apologies to all those Labrador fans out there ... your favourite Christmas pin-up is not what he seems!

But apart from his little white chest, he has most of the attributes of a Labrador, including the ability to chew his way through a farm gate in about ten minutes flat.

Chudleigh was born in Lurgashall eight years ago. His father is a Chocolate Labrador, and his mother is an English Springer Spaniel. Fortunately, he has inherited the best traits of each breed. He is highly intelligent, exceedingly sociable and very easy to train, having learned how to 'track' from puppyhood.

Why "Chudleigh"? Well, there's a town in Labrador, Canada, called Chudleigh, and another one in Devon, England of the same name. And it seemed like a good doggy sort of name, really!

Chudleigh and some friends

Chudleigh inspired many e-cards over the years, and brought smiles into our lives - and hopefully into yours.

Sadly, he has now passed away, but he will live on in our hearts and in future e-cards.