Happy Thanksgiving

The scenes here are like our home on the Naneum Fan, with our chickadees, Mt. Ash tree with red berries, a few colored leaves on deciduous trees slipped in with evergreens, and our resident deer (5 this morning, for Thanksgiving), Ellensburg wind, the little critter, which looks so much like our Douglas Squirrel who shares the birds' black oiled sunflower seeds. We even had a set of Bambi twins born in 2019 (today here within the 5). At the end of the card, is a retrieving dog. Our Brittany goes on walks with John to feed horses, and run around the pasture & small orchard. May this be your best Thanksgiving ever, followed by a wonderful Christmas season. We're always grateful for the blessings bestowed on our lives by God and all our friends & relatives. ^^^^Hugs! from all of us, canine and feline included Nancy, John, Annie, Czar, Rascal, Woody, and Sue