Please cancel / do not renew my membership

We're very sorry you don't want to renew your membership.

Unless you opted for automatic renewal when you joined or last renewed, there's nothing you need to do: your membership will automatically expire at the end of the current period. If you did opt for automatic renewal then you'll need to change that option – and even if you don't believe you took this option, it's worth checking just in case you did so without meaning to. It's very easy to check, as follows.

If you are not already logged on, then log-on now by clicking the "Log On" button which you'll find in the top right hand corner of every page of our site, and then entering your email address and password on the following page. (If there's a welcome message instead of the "Log On" button then you are already logged on!)

When you're logged on, go to My Details or click My Details in the orange menu bar above (this menu bar only appears after you are successfully logged in).

On the My Details page, the Automatic Renewal status will be found underneath Membership Details. If there's no mention of automatic renewal, then we don't hold any payment card details for you and we are unable to renew your membership automatically. If there is an option marked "Automatic Renewal", then simply make sure that it is set to "No". Your membership will then expire on the date shown, and although we will send you a renewal reminder, we won't automatically renew your membership.

Normally, simply switching off automatic renewal is sufficient to terminate your membership on the expiry date shown. However if for some reason you need to cancel your membership immediately, please contact our helpline by selecting the third answer to the question at the bottom of this page.

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To contact our helpline directly please select the third option above, or please feel free to send us a snail mail.