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We have had a lot of requests since we started this site from people who would like to add a link to from their own websites. If you have a website and would like to do this, please read this page.

There are two ways you can link to - using an animated banner advertisement, or linking to our Card of the Month.


Whichever of the two link methods you choose below, please do NOT download the image file from this page and reference it directly on your site. The whole point of the Card of the Month is that we will change it on a regular basis, and we can only do this if you use the HTML code given. Similarly, we may wish to change the banner occasionally - for example, to add Christmas decorations!

You may not link to our site if your site contains pornographic or racist material, or if it contains links to other sites containing such material.

You may not in any way imply in your site that we have approved or recommended your site.

While you are welcome to link to our site, and we are grateful for you doing so, we regret that we cannot offer reciprocal links.

After adding a link to your site, please contact us to tell us about it.

If you do not agree to all of the above conditions, you may not link to our site.

1. Use our animated banner

Jacquie Lawson ecards(opens a new window)

To link using the above banner, please copy the following HTML code into your web page:

          <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Jacquie Lawson ecards" title="Jacquie Lawson ecards" border="0"></a>

2. Link direct to our Card of the Month

You can link directly to an ecard which we will choose every few weeks. Once you have set up the link using the code below, you don't have to do anything - but visitors to your site will see a different ecard every month or so.

To link to the Card of the Month, please use the following HTML code:

          <a target="_blank" href=""><img border="0" title="Jacquie Lawson ecards" alt="Jacquie Lawson ecards" src=""></a>
Jacquie Lawson ecards
Click here to see the current Card of the Month (opens a new window)