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Spring has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and we’re gearing up for the sunny summer festivities with our brand new beach-themed ecard and an eye-catching parade of hats at the horse racing – both of which are perfect for any summer birthdays, just saying hi, or perhaps as an invitation to a summer party.

During this time of year, our artists love to take inspiration from their blossoming gardens, and this year’s inspiration struck in the form of another personalisable ecard. Featuring a kaleidoscope of butterflies, bees, blossom and berries, you can add the recipients’ names and your very own caption into the colourful video, and even choose the musical accompaniment.

And, as graduation season approaches, be sure to celebrate with our new graduation card – featuring the real-life puppy of our artist, Sally!

Musical Jokes BTS

Musical Jokes

May 2024

In 1749, Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa complained about a treble in the St Steven’s Cathedral choir, calling his singing “crowing”. The teenager she was referring to had already been a problem for the choirmaster and when, shortly afterwards, he cut off the pigtail of another choirboy, he was caned and summarily dismissed from the choir. The crowing prankster’s name was Joseph Haydn.

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