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2024 is well underway and we’ve been brightening up the dreary winter days with two vibrant new note cards, as well as a gorgeous Chinese style ecard to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. Next on the agenda is the annual festival of sugary sentimentality that is Valentine’s Day. This year we’ve created a card starring a rather mischievous Cupid, which is well worth a watch!

We’ve also taken the plunge and joined Instagram! If you’ve ever been curious about our card-making process then have a look at our page, on our @jacquielawsonecards, where we post behind-the-scenes snippets of this process – and you can also download free Jacquie Lawson phone wallpapers!

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January 2024

There is a famous saying which goes something like “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This is often spuriously attributed to Confucius but in his time, of course, very few had the opportunity to choose their own career. Nowadays, however, it holds at least some semblance of veracity for many – including those of us lucky enough to work for jacquielawson.com.

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