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Sometimes just sending an ecard isn't quite enough, and you want to make a more generous gesture. The perfect solution for lovers of Jacquie Lawson animation is the range of gifts below. All these can be sent directly by clicking the buttons below, or they can be attached to our ecards and note cards just by checking an option on the "Send a Card" page.

Summer Garden

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The Jacquie Lawson Summer Garden is an expansion pack for the free Country Cottage. It adds a beautiful English cottage garden to your Country Cottage, with roses scrambling over old stone walls, lush herbaceous borders, and a cool spot to sit and enjoy the scene. As with the Cottage itself, you can play fun games including Spider Solitaire and jigsaw puzzles, while earning rewards to spend on improving your garden with new plants, furniture and garden ornaments.

Country Cottage

Transport yourself to the beauty and tranquillity of an English country cottage with this new, free downloadable experience. Design and decorate your very own cottage to make the imaginary home of your dreams. Have fun playing games, then spend the rewards you earn on new furniture and decorative features. Renovate and expand your cottage with quarterly expansion packs, available for purchase each season. Your Country Cottage will evolve and grow with each pack you add!

The Country Cottage is free to everyone. Encourage your friends to enjoy it too: just attach it to any ecard you send!

Nordic Advent Calendar (PC/Mac)

For our 2020 Advent Calendar, we're transporting you to the wintry world of the Nordic countries - Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark - for twenty-five days of Scandinavian Christmas celebrations. As well as all your favourite Advent games and amusements, you'll discover lots of Nordic Christmas traditions and hear some wonderful Nordic Christmas music, while you watch our pretty village scene gradually become more festive as Christmas approaches. Please note: the version we sell here is for Windows 10/Mac PCs. iPad and Android versions are available from Apple/Google app stores.

Cotswold Advent Calendar

This year, we invite you to spend a peaceful Christmas in the rural idyll of the Cotswold Hills. For twenty-five days you'll be immersed in the wintry beauty of the English countryside, enjoying rural games, puzzles and pastimes while our gorgeous art, animation and music brings the picturesque village scene to life. Runs on PC, Mac, iPad and other tablets.

Edinburgh Advent Calendar

Allow us to transport you to the picturesque city of Edinburgh for twenty-five days of festive fun in the build-up to Christmas. Scotland's historic capital city is brought to life on your screen with our gorgeous art, animation and music. Compatible with PC, Mac, iPad and other tablets.

Curio Collection

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Explore a cosy sitting room in the house of an intrepid world traveller, full of exotic curiosities collected from far-flung continents. Hidden surprises, games, puzzles and challenges will amuse and entertain you for hours. It's the perfect digital gift to send to your friends and family. Runs on PC, Mac, iPad and other tablets.

Jacquie Lawson English Garden

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Create your own idyllic English country garden on your PC, Mac, iPad or other tablet. Sow your seedlings, watch them grow, then plant them out in your beds and borders. While away the afternoons with puzzles, games and other amusements. And don't forget to hunt around the garden for hidden surprises!

Gift Membership

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Membership of is a superb gift for someone you love. For a whole year, your lucky recipient will enjoy sending our ecards to their friends and family, and they'll think of you every time! For more details and to purchase, click the button above.