Valentine's Day cards

Here in the UK, Valentine’s Day is predominantly a matter of romance between couples.

Valentine's Day greetings for everyone

We have a wide range of online Valentine cards suitable not just for your “significant other” but also for friends and family members, and with a huge variety of themes and styles. You'll find plenty of beautiful Valentine's Day ecards from Jacquie Lawson to set that special someone’s heart aflutter!

Send Valentine Ecards by text, or Facebook or other social media.

Nowadays not everyone uses email, but with Jacquie Lawson Valentines ecards that’s no problem. You can share Happy Valentine's Day cards on Facebook, or copy a link to the ecard of your choice and paste it into any social media page or website, using our Share Link feature.

Say Happy Valentine's Day from anywhere!

You can send our online Valentine's Day cards from your phone or computer, anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection. Become a member and you can send as many ecards as you like, not just for Valentine’s Day but for every occasion you can think of during the entire year to come!