Brighten someone's day with a Jacquie Lawson Gift Membership!

On birthdays and holidays, it's sometimes nice to be able to give a small, inexpensive gift rather than just a greeting. A Jacquie Lawson Gift Membership allows your gift recipient to send an unlimited number of the classiest e-cards in the world to their friends and family. It's only a few dollars for a whole year's membership, and your lucky recipient will be thanking you all year long!

Gift Membership

How do I order? Estimate the quantity you might need - either to send immediately or to reserve for forthcoming birthdays or small gifts to your friends and family, and then fill in the form on the right.

Do I have to send them now? No. There are discounts for ordering two or more, so it's best to pre-order as many as you think you'll need, but only enter e-mail addresses for those you want to send immediately. The others will be saved so you can enter the addresses and send them later.

Each recipient will receive an e-mail with a unique code which enables them to activate their membership.

Pricing Discounts

Pricing Chart:
Qty. Per Copy Savings
1 $14.00 --
2+ $10.50 25%

Prices are shown in US Dollars.

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