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Design your own quaint English country home with our Country Cottage App for iOS and Android. Play popular games to earn rewards which you can spend on renovating the cottage and then purchasing new furniture and decorations, to create the cosy home of your dreams! And meanwhile, keep in touch with your family and friends by sharing elegant notes from your writing desk within the app.

You can play the Country Cottage app entirely free of charge — you don't even have to be a member of our ecards service! As well as iPhones, iPads and Android devices, you can also run it on your Windows 10 or Mac computer. Download it now from the app store links below, or here on our website for Windows/Mac.

And when you're ready for more fun, you can purchase Expansion Packs to add new features to your cottage: our Summer Garden provides a beautiful outdoor space to while away the summer afternoons, while the Cottage Kitchen adds the heart of the home with a luxury designer kitchen! And both include more games to play and other fun activities.

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