Sympathy ecards for bereavement and more

Many of our ecards and note cards are appropriate for sending condolences online – and of course there’s some overlap between our Sympathy ecards and other categories such as “Thinking of You”. Below we’ve listed all the cards which we think you might consider sending as online sympathy cards or ecards for bereavement or condolences.

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It’s sometimes hard to choose the right words when expressing sympathy for someone’s personal loss or bereavement. We think the most important thing is to be genuine, to be yourself. That’s why unlike many ecard and paper card companies, we don’t print formulaic expressions of condolence in our sympathy ecards and condolence ecards: you’re free to say what you want to say, in your own words.


One of the things for which is best known is the exquisite beauty of the floral and botanical paintings, particularly those by our talented artist Bev Pask-Hughes, which are painted by hand and then scanned for use in our online sympathy cards and other ecards. Not surprisingly, many of the ecards for condolences and bereavement which we offer above are within this genre of ecard, but you’ll find others too, including A Doggy Prayer, specifically designed for those bereaved of a canine chum.


A Jacquie Lawson condolences ecard can be there on the computer or phone of the person needing your sympathy within seconds, and time is important when you want to show that you care. Remember also that as well as sending our online sympathy cards by email, you can send them by text, or post them on Facebook, or simply copy and paste a link anywhere you like – on a web page or any social media chat or forum – using our Share Link feature.