Mother's Day ecards

Being British, we should perhaps call these Mothering Sunday cards ... but we're happy to go along with our transatlantic cousins and call them Mother's Day cards! Whether you're British or American or indeed any other nationality, it's a great way to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to your mum, wife, sister, grandmother, and any other great mums – or moms! – you know!

Mother's Day cards

Say “Happy Mother’s Day!” to all the mothers in your life

Nowadays you don’t just have to say Happy Mother’s Day to your own mum! You can send a Mother’s Day ecard to all the mums you know, be they your wife, sister, grandmother, or even a friend. Any mothers you know deserve a Mother’s Day greeting, and we have the perfect ecards for the occasion.

Mother’s Day greetings of all kinds

Every mum is different, so we have a variety of unique Mother’s Day ecards to fit all the mothers in your life, and these personalised Mother’s Day ecards can then be made extra special with your own message! So, whether you’re looking for a sentimental card, a light-hearted card or even a card with a cheeky twist, we have the perfect selection of animated Mother’s Day ecards for you!