Jacquie Lawson Summer Garden

The Summer Garden expansion brings a typical English cottage garden to Jacquie Lawson's Country Cottage. When you first stumble across it you'll find it neglected and overgrown so you'll need to clear the weeds and have a good tidy-up. Once that's all done you'll be able to plant some gorgeous flowers, adjust the seating arrangements and garden ornaments, and make the Summer Garden into you own idyllic retreat. Spider Solitaire, some jigsaw puzzles and a word search game are added to the games already available in the cottage itself, so there's plenty to keep you amused on a sunny afternoon.

Jacquie Lawson Summer Garden Expansion Games

Garden Games: Spider Solitaire, Jigsaw Puzzles & A New Word Search Game

The Summer Garden is an expansion pack for the Jacquie Lawson Country Cottage, so you must already have installed the Country Cottage on your computer or mobile device. The Country Cottage is free, but we ask a small fee for the Summer Garden expansion pack. Like the Cottage, the Summer Garden lets you renovate and then personalise an idyllic English country garden, earning rewards by playing games and then spending those rewards on improvements to your garden.

New games include Spider Solitaire, a new word search game and a variety of jigsaw puzzles to add to the games already available in the Country Cottage itself.

The Country Cottage and Summer Garden can be downloaded to a PC or Mac computer, or you can get the app version for Apple iPhones and iPads or Android devices. Please note that the app versions of Country Cottage can only be obtained from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, while the PC/Mac version can be downloaded from our website here.

The Summer Garden expansion pack can be purchased either here on our website or as an in-app purchase through the Cottage app itself. Purchases here on our website will work on any compatible device -- Windows or Mac desktop computers, or Apple or Android phones and tablets. If you wish to send the Summer Garden as a gift, please purchase here on our website, since app store gifts cannot be transferred to other devices. Please note also that in-app purchases go via the iOS/Android app store, so your contract will be with Apple/Google and you must contact them for any transaction queries or refunds.

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10+ $3.75 25%

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