Games and Puzzles

Instead of sending just an animated ecard – which, let’s face it, is over and done with in a minute or less – you can send a Jacquie Lawson ecard featuring a built-in game or puzzle. So your lucky recipient will have not only the pleasure of your correspondence, but also a fun pastime for a few minutes – or quite a bit more, in the case of some of our more addictive games!

Some of our Games and Puzzle ecards are just regular ecards to which we added a game or puzzle at the end as a bonus for the recipient. In others, the game or puzzle is the main feature.

They include several versions of "Pelmanism" – the matching game named after the Pelman Institute which was set up for the study of memory in London in the 1930s – as well as ecards featuring jigsaw-style puzzles, and variations on our ever-popular tile-matching game.

Send Game and Puzzle ecards by text, or Facebook or other social media.

Nowadays not everyone uses email, but with Jacquie Lawson game ecards and puzzle ecards that’s no problem. You can share all our ecards on Facebook, or copy a link to the ecard of your choice and paste it into any social media page or website, using our Share Link feature.

When the recipient clicks the link they’ll be able to view the card and play the associated game or puzzle right there on their phone or computer.

Do all Jacquie Lawson ecards have games or puzzles?

No, a game or a puzzle is something which we add to an ecard from time to time, as a bonus feature for the lucky recipient. If you become a member of you’ll be able to send all our digital ecards, with or without games or puzzles, to your friends and family.

Send more than one!

With a membership you can send as many ecards as you like, to as many people as you like! That’s why our game ecards and puzzle ecards are such fun – you can just send them to your friends on a whim, so they can while away a few minutes playing the game or solving the puzzle.

Send even more games and puzzles with our digital gifts.

Many of the same or similar games can be found in our wonderful digital gifts – the English Garden, the Curio Collection, and of course our amazing animated Advent Calendars. So if you sent one of our game ecards or puzzle ecards to a friend and they enjoyed it, why not buy them a small gift next time? Check out our Gift Shop for details!