Thanksgiving cards / Autumn greetings

The “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” provides us with a rich palette of colours and endless inspiration from Nature for our digital Thanksgiving and Autumn ecards.

Autumn and Thanksgiving Greetings

Like all Jacquie Lawson ecards, our Thanksgiving and Autumn greetings start life with paint, pencils and paper: this gives our art rich colours and a natural look which can’t be mimicked electronically. This shows itself particularly in the subtle hues and brushwork which you’ll find in our Autumn and Thanksgiving ecards. And then these beautiful images are scanned, combined, animated and set to music, so you can send your animated Thanksgiving cards electronically with all the speed and convenience which technology allows.

Send Thanksgiving Ecards by text, or Facebook or other social media.

Nowadays not everyone uses email, but with Jacquie Lawson Thanksgiving ecards that’s no problem. You can share Thanksgiving cards on Facebook, or copy a link to the autumn ecard of your choice and paste it into any social media page or website, using our Share Link feature.

So many Thanksgiving Cards to choose from.

We’ve been making ecards for Thanksgiving for nearly twenty years, so we have a tremendous collection from which you can choose the perfect digital Thanksgiving card for your loved ones. And with just one low annual membership fee, you can send as many Thanksgiving ecards as you like for the whole year.