Advent Calendars by Jacquie Lawson

Our new Edwardian period Advent Calendar will transport you to a grand English country house as the staff make the elaborate preparations for Christmas. You can even help with the decorations yourself, while every day there's a delightful little animated story to watch, or a fun new game to play. Explore the magnificent house and gardens, settle down in the Library to read fascinating facts about the period, and enjoy our gorgeous artwork, beautifully observed animation, and atmospheric Christmas music.

New for 2013! Edwardian Advent Calendar

Missed Last Year's?

We've also made a 2013 version of last year's Advent Calendar. Same idea, but based in an imaginary Alpine village!

Learn more Click here to see the Alpine Advent Calendar demo.

How do I order an Advent Calendar? Just follow the simple ordering procedure, starting with the form to the right. You'll be asked for the e-mail addresses of all the recipients (don't forget to include yourself!) and there are big discounts for multiple orders, so you can send our Advent Calendar as a fabulous pre-Christmas surprise to all your friends and family!

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Each recipient will receive an e-mail containing a unique code which enables them to download the Advent Calendar and install it on their desktop.

After December 1st? Don't worry – you can send the Advent Calendar later in the month and all the animations up to the current date will be viewable.

More questions? See our special Advent Calendar help page

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