Jacquie Lawson London Advent Calendar

For our 2021 Advent Calendar, we're inviting you to join us in our vibrant, bustling capital city – London – for 25 days of Christmas fun. As well as the 25 daily surprises, our virtual Advent Calendar includes games and puzzles, a Christmas tree decorator and a new version of our ever-popular snowflake maker, and much more to amuse you every day as Christmas approaches. For the price of a pint, our interactive Advent Calendar will charm and delight you during the countdown to a festive London Christmas.

Please Note: If you purchase your London Advent Calendar here on our website you can use it yourself or send it as a gift, and it will work on all compatible devices – iPhones, iPads and Android devices as well as Windows 10 and Mac PCs. You can also obtain the Advent Calendar as an in-app purchase from the mobile app but please see this FAQ if you also want to use it on your computer.

London Advent Calendar

How does the Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar work?

A beautiful main scene featuring a panoramic (and somewhat idealised!) view of London conceals a new animated story or other activity for every day of December up to Christmas Day, along with dozens of games, puzzles and hidden surprises which gradually unfold over the festive period. All your favourite activities are there – the Christmas Tree decorator, snowflake maker, and a fun new "match three" game. And for those who simply can't wait for the action to unfold from December 1st, lots of games and activities are available right now in your cosy virtual London pied-à-terre!

You can download our digital Advent Calendar to your Windows or Mac computer, or run it as an app on your phone or tablet. Your purchase automatically entitles you to use the Advent Calendar on all your devices – you do not need to purchase the mobile app separately.

Here at Jacquie Lawson, we have been producing a new Advent Calendar every December now for twelve years, and it's become an unmissable Christmas tradition for thousands of people around the world. Make the 2021 Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar part of your Christmas festivities this year!

Can I buy last year's Advent Calendar?

No, sorry: the 2020 Nordic Advent Calendar and all previous Advent Calendars are no longer available for purchase.

What is an Advent Calendar?

A traditional Advent Calendar or "Christmas Calendar," is a Christmas scene printed on cardboard, with little paper windows – one for each day of Advent – which open to reveal further Christmassy scenes, so the user can count the days to Christmas. Our digital Advent Calendar is much more exciting, of course, because the main scene and the daily surprises all come alive with music and animation!

Pricing Discounts

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Qty. Per Copy Savings
1-2 $5.00 --
3-4 $4.70 6%
5-6 $4.40 12%
7-9 $4.00 20%
10+ $3.75 25%

Prices are shown in US Dollars.