Online Greeting Cards

We have well over 400 online greeting cards to choose from, for almost every imaginable occasion. Here’s our full list of card categories or occasions, but please note that many of our online greeting cards are suitable for more than one purpose, and have a range of optional captions for different greeting occasions, so you will find many of our cards listed in more than one category.

For our full collection of online greeting cards, please peruse the categories and occasions above – but if you’re in a hurry to send an online greeting card, here are our latest releases and some seasonal favourites.

Unsure which online greeting card to send? Don’t worry – send more than one! Unlike paper cards there’s no extra charge no matter how many online greeting cards you send!

How much can I write? Most of our online greeting cards have plenty of space for your message, with scroll buttons in case your message fills the available space. If you want to write a long letter, consider using our note cards which are designed especially for that.

Will my friends like receiving greeting cards online? Of course – Jacquie Lawson cards are well known to be the classiest cards on the web!

How long does it take, and how will I know if they received it? All our online greeting cards are sent immediately, and should arrive within minutes – or if you prefer you can choose a date for them to be sent. You can also check your Card History page which shows when your card was sent and whether it has been viewed.

Still not sure? If you need more help with sending our greeting cards online, check out our FAQs. There are hundreds of answers for practically any question you can imagine on the subject of online greeting cards!