Jacquie Lawson Curio Collection

Imagine a cosy sitting room in the house of an intrepid world traveller. Scattered around the room you find exotic curiosities - objets d'art, souvenirs and beautifully crafted trinkets collected from far-flung continents. Click around the room for games, puzzles, interactive challenges and hidden surprises - and of course, there's a selection of wonderful music to match. It's a perfect digital gift that you can send electronically to your friends and family, or simply enjoy yourself on your computer or iPad.

Curio Collection

How do I order the Curio Collection?

Just enter the number of copies you'd like and click the button to continue. You can either enter the recipients' names and email addresses right now, or come back and do it later. There are big discounts for multiple orders, so you can send our Curio Collection to all your friends and family!

Will it work on my device - or my recipient's?

The Curio Collection works on most computers, tablets and phones, but please check our supported devices. Each recipient will receive an email with a unique code which works on any compatible device.

Is it fixed to specific dates?

No, the Curio Collection can be purchased and enjoyed at any time of year. Just open it and start playing!

More questions?

See our help pages.

Pricing Discounts

Pricing Chart:
Qty. Per Copy Savings
1-2 $5.00 --
3-9 $4.00 20%
10+ $3.00 40%

Prices are shown in US Dollars.

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