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Someone sent me a card. How do I view it?

If you received the card by email, then you should be able to view a card simply by clicking on the link within the notification email, where it says "You can view your card here". However your email program may not allow links to be clicked, or there may be some other problem preventing the link from working.

So we have an easy-to-use alternative. Please just click on the Pick Up Card link in the blue menu at the bottom of the page. Then copy the code from your notification email into the text box on the next page, enter your email address (this must be the same email address that the card was sent to), and click "Show Card".

You'll find the code in small print right at the bottom of the email. It's a string of 8 letters and numbers so it's probably best to copy and paste it if you can.

If the card does not show properly, please check our FAQ about problems viewing cards.