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Why did you charge me twice?!

We're very sorry if we've inadvertently charged you twice, and we'll try to sort this out for you as quickly as we can. But first, please make sure that the extra charge isn't accounted for by an additional purchase which you perhaps overlooked. Here are the things we may have charged you for:

  • Your jacquielawson.com ecards membership or renewal
  • Gift Memberships you may have purchased for other people
  • Country Cottage expansion packs or Advent Calendars

If the extra charge is not explained by any of the above, then please contact our helpline for further assistance by selecting the third answer to the question at the bottom of this page. On the next page, please give us as much detail as you can, including any reference numbers you were given, the payment amounts, and the dates of the transactions. If you need to include your credit or debit card number, please give only the last four digits, not the whole number.

Additionally, if the charge appears to have been an exact duplicate of your ecards membership payment, please let us know if you would like a refund, or whether you prefer to use the extra payment to extend your membership, or to pay for a gift membership for someone else.