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Can I use more than one email address for sending cards?

Your jacquielawson.com membership only covers one email address at a time.

Of course, if you change your email address then you will want to make sure that our records are updated accordingly, and once you've done that then naturally any ecards you send will come from the new address.

You can find more details about changing your email address here.

Please note that this is intended for permanent or semi-permanent changes of address. In theory, you could use it to switch between different addresses for sending cards, but we really don't recommend it! You would have to remember which address you're currently using in order to be able to log on correctly. Also, you'd have a problem with ordering cards for delivery in the future, because the address used will be the one in force at the time the card is actually sent, not at the time the request is made.

If you really need to be able to send cards regularly from two different addresses, then we recommend you take out two separate memberships.