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I have an idea for a new card!

We'd be delighted to hear about your idea! But first, do please read through the notes below.

As you know, we only have a very small team of artists, and our cards are highly complex and time-consuming to make. Every card requires several weeks' work, and we can only make about 20-25 cards a year. This means we have to try to make them all as broad in appeal as possible.

So when you're suggesting new cards, please bear in mind that we are unlikely to consider an idea unless we think that a majority of our members would want to send it.

Can I have a copy of a card with my dog's name?

Sorry, we cannot change the names of the animals in our cards.

What about a sympathy card for the loss of a pet?

We don't have a lot of cards specifically for the loss of a pet, because if we're making a Sympathy card it makes more sense to keep it fairly general rather than limiting it to one specific purpose, for the reasons outlined above. But for the loss of a dog, you could consider A Doggy Prayer". We hope to make a similar one for cats at some point in the future.

Please also check out Clair de Lune and our other general Sympathy cards.

Can you do my particular breed of dog (or other animal)?

Well, yes, maybe – but there's a massive amount of work that goes into drawing and animating a dog, cat or other animal – this isn't something that we can rustle up in a matter of a few hours! So by all means write in with your suggestion, but again, please bear in mind that we're only likely to follow up on your idea if it meets our requirement to be of general interest to the vast majority of our members.

OK, I understand all that. Where do I go to submit my idea?

Please submit your idea using this form. Please bear in mind that although we do read all suggestions, we do not normally reply. We're sure you'd rather that the team concentrated on making new cards rather than getting into discussions about the relative merits of everyone's great ideas!