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Can't you stop people forwarding cards without paying for an ecards membership?

It is impossible to stop people from forwarding our ecards – an ecard is just like any other email with a link to a web page in it.

And we rely to some extent on people seeing our cards to gain new members. So although it can be frustrating when someone who doesn't have a membership forwards a card, it does mean that more people get to see the card, and hopefully, some of them will join. Getting new members is essential to the continuation of this website!

But anyway, a forwarded ecard is really not the same thing as an original. If you received a really clever birthday card – either a printed, paper type or an electronic one – you might show it to others to say "hey, this is cute"; but you'd never send it on to someone else as an original personal greeting! The same is true of ecards. People who forward our cards are not sending them as personal greetings, but really just showing them as a novelty. There's a fundamental difference: what your jacquielawson.com membership earns you is the ability to be at the head of that chain, and send an original and personal greeting, with your own choice of message, to your friends and loved ones. If they forward the card on to others, it's not the same thing at all!