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I lost my activation code!

An activation code is required to prove your ownership of our Advent Calendars and the expansion packs for the Country Cottage. It is not required for the Country Cottage itself, nor for any products purchased through the iOS or Google app stores (including in-app purchases).

If your product was purchased for you via our website as a gift, then you should have received an email which includes a link to the correct product page, and an activation code. If you have not seen this email, please check your spam and deleted items folders. If you still cannot find it, please ask the person who gave you the gift to log on to our website and re-send it following the instructions below.

If you are the person who purchased the product, either for yourself or for someone else, or if it was provided free as part of one of our promotions, then you can view your activation codes on your Order History page. Just log on to jacquielawson.com, and go to the Order History page (you'll find it in the My Details section after you have logged on). Then click the Order History button for the product you purchased. Your purchases will then be listed together with the activation codes.

If your own email address is not listed as a recipient that's because you haven't yet specified that you wanted to keep a copy of the Advent Calendar for yourself. Please enter your email address as a recipient and an email will immediately be sent to you with your activation code and further instructions.

You can also use the Order History page to send a new email to the recipient, complete with the activation code and a link to the correct product page. You can find more details about how to do this here.

My activation code has disappeared from the Order History page!

Each activation code can be used only a certain number of times. This is to protect ourselves against the possibility that a code could be used fraudulently by numerous people who have not made a purchase. We don't publish the exact number but it's high enough to allow for most normal usage (e.g. on a computer and on an iPad).

If you activate a code more than this number of times, then it will disappear off the Order History page. If that happens for legitimate reasons (e.g. you cleared your cookies and had to re-activate), please contact our helpline by taking the third option at the bottom of this page, and explain the circumstances.

In-app purchases (Country Cottage expansion packs and London Advent Calendar)

The process described above applies only to the Summer Garden and Kitchen expansion packs or London Advent Calendar when purchased directly from our website. If you purchased these items as an in-app purchase then the purchase will have taken place via the Apple or Google app stores, and in those cases there is no activation code because the validation of your purchase works through the app store instead.

If you purchased the Summer Garden expansion pack, Kitchen expansion pack, or London Advent Calendar as an in-app purchase, and have since lost your access to the product, then you can restore it by clicking the Restore Purchases link which you will find as follows:

  • Summer Garden or Kitchen expansion pack: click Restore Purchases in the lower right hand corner of the opening view when you start the Country Cottage
  • London Advent Calendar: click Restore Purchases in the Settings menu, under the Info panel