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Why didn't I get a discounted/free copy?

Like any company, from time to time we make special offers, and at various times we may offer a free product or a discount as an incentive to new members, or to existing members whose ecards subscription is about to expire. These offers are always restricted to a specific period of time, and sometimes there are other restrictions.

Our computers are configured to apply these offers automatically, so if you didn't get offered a free product or a discount you may have just been unlucky and not fulfilled the criteria. It's one of those annoying marketing misfortunes that happens to us all from time to time: you go and buy a nice new pair of shoes in your favourite boutique, and next week they have them on sale at 30% off!

But I did qualify for an offer – so where's my free copy?!

Please go to the Order History page (you'll find it under My Details when you have logged on). Then select the tab for the relevant product. You should see your free copy waiting there, ready to be activated.