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Why are you not answering my emails?!

We're sorry if you haven't received a reply to your request for help. We realise this is frustrating but often it's out of our control. Hopefully the steps below will help to set things straight.

The first possibility is that we never received your request for help. Please be sure to submit initial requests for help only via these help pages, by taking the third option at the bottom of any FAQ page. Only contact us by email if you are responding to an existing helpline ticket (with a number beginning KMM in the subject line).

Normally our helpline will respond to emails within two days or less. At busy times the turnaround time can be higher – up to several days. If you have waited less than that time, please be patient and please do not keep re-submitting your request: all that does is make the queue worse for you and for everyone else!

If you have waited longer than the normal turnaround time for a response, or if you are consistently getting no email from us, it is probable that your computer, or your service provider, is blocking mail from help@jacquielawson.com.

Usually, spam filters will put filtered emails in your Spam or Junk Mail folder, so please check there first. However that is not always the case, and certain service providers may sometimes simply delete an incoming email without giving you the opportunity to read it and confirm that it is genuine.

Test whether you can receive our email

If you are a member of jacquielawson.com (either free or as an ecard subscriber) you can easily test this by asking for a password reset email. (You don't have to reset your password, just ask for the reset email and then ignore it.)

To do this go to our Password Reset page and enter your email address, and our computer will send you an email within a matter of minutes. The process is entirely automatic and requires no human intervention, and it operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So after about half an hour, if you haven't received the email, there are only two possible reasons: either we don't have any record of that email address (you mis-typed it or used a different address when you registered), or there is a spam filter which is blocking our email.

To try to resolve this please do the following:

  1. Check your spam/junk mail folders
  2. Add help@jacquielawson.com to your email address book
  3. Contact your email service provider and ask if they are blocking mail from jacquielawson.com
  4. Try using a different email address for your membership. Sign up for a free email address and change your jacquielawson.com account to use the new address. (You can always change it back once the problem is solved.)
  5. Ask a friend with an email account from a different service provider to contact us on your behalf

How can I contact you without using email?

We're sorry but we do not offer a customer support telephone line.

If you are on Facebook, you can send a private message to our Facebook page. Our Facebook team can help with general advice on how to use our website and products, but they do not have access to our secure customer database so they cannot handle account queries, refund and cancellation requests, or anything that requires access to your personal details.

Finally you can contact us via snail mail. If you are unable to receive our emails please make this clear in your letter, otherwise we will normally respond by email.

But I'm getting your newsletters!

Our newsletters are sent using a totally different computer system and from a different email address, and it is perfectly possible for them to reach you OK but for our helpline emails to be blocked.