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There's no music/sound in my iPad/iPhone app

This FAQ applies to the Jacquie Lawson Ecards app, the Country Cottage (including expansion packs), and the Advent Calendars only.

If you cannot hear any music or sound effects, please check the hardware mute switch on the side of your device.

Please note that this switch does not mute standalone music players, video players and suchlike, so you may not have noticed that it is switched to the mute position. It only mutes music and sounds coming from apps, such as our ecards app, the Country Cottage, and our Advent Calendars.

Alternatively (and depending on your iOS version) swipe down from the top right hand corner to open Control Center, then find the bell icon and tap to mute/unmute your iPad.

If these options do not fix the problem, please contact us using the third link below.