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I have a question about the Desktop Widget (previously Snow Globe Widget)

We regret that the Desktop Widget is no longer available or supported, and the connected Curio Collection, English Garden and browser-based Advent Calendars have all been discontinued.

What is the Desktop Widget?

The Desktop Widget was an app which was designed to make it easy to launch your Curio Collection, English Garden or browser-based Advent Calendars.

It's important to note that the Desktop Widget was just an optional extra: you could launch your Curio Collection, English Garden or Advent Calendar using a normal web link in your email, or a bookmark in your browser.

Where can I get the Desktop Widget?

Unfortunately the Desktop Widget is no longer available or supported and cannot be downloaded.

If you already have the Desktop Widget you can continue to use it but unfortunately it will no longer be updated or supported.

How do I prevent the Desktop Widget from starting automatically?

If you don't want to uninstall the Desktop Widget altogether, but just want to stop it from popping up automatically whenever you start up your computer, please proceed as follows:

  1. Click the widget to open the main menu
  2. Click Settings, and uncheck the checkbox marked "Start automatically..."

How do I uninstall the Desktop Widget?

You can find instructions for uninstalling the Desktop Widget here.