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Tell me about Digital Gift Cards

When you send a Jacquie Lawson ecard you can opt to include a gift with the card. The exact gifts available vary according to time of year and other criteria, but include:

This page is about the third option – Digital Gift Cards.

How do I add a Digital Gift card to my ecard?

When you send an ecard you can include a digital gift card issued by many leading UK or US retailers. Simply choose your ecard as you normally would, add your personal message, click "Send or Share" and choose "Send via email". Then enter the details of the recipient, and under "Send a gift with your card(s)", select "Send a Digital Gift". You will then be given the option to select which retailer you would like to issue the card, and the value of the digital gift card. Finally, you will enter your payment information and confirm the purchase.

I can't see the Digital Gift Card option

At present the Digital Gift Card facility us only available to members in the UK and USA. We hope to be able to do expand the countries in which it is available in the future. If you are British or American but do not see the Digital Gift Card option when you send an ecard, please check your country in the My Details section of the website to make sure that our records show you as living in the UK or USA.

Who should I contact with questions about my Digital Gift Card?

The digital gift cards are issued and managed by our partner, Jifiti, who you can contact by email at help@jifiti.com. You can also telephone them in the UK on 020 3322 1591 or in the USA on (855) 858-0600. Please note they are unable to help with anything to do with the ecards and you should only contact them for questions specifically about the Digital Gift Cards.

Can I cancel an ecard that has a Digital Gift Card attached?

If you have attached a Digital Gift Card to an email which you have scheduled to be sent at some point in the future, then you can stop the ecard from being delivered as you had scheduled, but to stop the Digital Gift Card from being sent you will need to contact Jifiti separately for a refund.

To cancel the ecard, just go to our Cards Pending page and click "cancel" opposite the card you wish to cancel. Then email help@jifiti.com or phone the number above and ask for a refund.

Can I resend an ecard that has a Digital Gift Card attached?

Yes. Go to Card History and find the card in the list. If it has not been viewed and redeemed, you will be see an option to Re-send it. Click this and you will be able to edit the message and email address and resend the card. You will see at the bottom that it says that your gift card has already been paid for.

If you need further help, please contact our helpline using the third option at the bottom of this page.