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How do I get out of the app?!

Windows 10 / Mac

Click the three dots, then the Settings cogwheel, then click Exit to Desktop. Or just press Esc, then click Exit to Desktop.


In order to maximise the display area and give the most immersive experience, the grey Home bar at the bottom of some iPhones and iPads is nearly invisible for most of the time that you are using your Advent Calendar. This technique is very common in similar apps which need to use the full device screen. But it's very easy to restore it with two consecutive swipe-up gestures. The first swipe should make the Home bar darken to appear black. While it is still in this darkened state, swipe up again to exit the application.


Similarly on Android, we use the full screen area where possible, and in order to restore the menu bar which contains the Back and Home buttons, just swipe up to reveal it, then use the Back or Home button to exit the app.