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How can I change the font size on an ecard?

The size of the font used for your message in an ecard is calculated automatically according to a number of criteria, including the screen size and resolution and the browser zoom level. These criteria are all dependent on the device being used to view the card.

If you are reading this FAQ because you want to send a card to someone and you find the message text too small, for example, please be reassured that this is very unlikely to be a problem on the recipient's device, since the font size calculation on their device will be different.

We do not provide a way to change the font size on a card when you send a card, because what works on your screen might prove illegible on the recipient's device!

If you simply wish to correct the font size as you see it, and if the problem you are seeing applies to all our cards, then the best way is normally to adjust the zoom level in your browser. There are a lot of possible browsers so we can't give instructions for this, but if you search online you will almost certainly find out how to do it for your browser and device.

If the problem is only with one or two specific cards, then there may be a bug in the calculation of the font size in that card, so please contact us using the third option below, letting us know the card name as well as the details of your device and browser.

The font size on some cards is very small!

Some browser zoom levels can have unexpected effects on some of our older cards, making the font size smaller. Paradoxically, decreasing your browser\u2019s zoom level can increase the font size. This is local to your computer and so shouldn\u2019t normally affect the recipient of your card unless they too use a large zoom ratio.