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How do I download and install the Country Cottage?

Yes, you can download the Country Cottage to your computer and also get the mobile app, and you can freely use the Country Cottage on both devices.

When you log in or register in the Country Cottage, we will store your progress, your rewards, your personalisations and so on – as well as your purchases of any expansion packs, when they become available – so that all this information is available on all your devices. So you can play with your Country Cottage in the evenings on your desktop computer, and then if you're on a long train journey the next day you can take your phone or tablet and enjoy it there too, without losing any data.

What about the Summer Garden and Kitchen expansion packs?

The same applies. If you have purchased the Summer Garden or Kitchen expansion pack then they will automatically appear in your Country Cottage app on all your compatible devices, and your progress, rewards, personalisations and so on will all be shared on all your devices.