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Do I have to be online to use the Country Cottage?

Yes, for a number of reasons.

We store your progress, rewards, purchases of furniture and decor items, game status and other information, as well as your entitlement to the Summer Garden and Kitchen expansion packs, against your Jacquie Lawson membership account. This means that if you use the Country Cottage on another device – on your phone, for example – then we are able to load your latest status onto all your devices, so your Country Cottage will always be up to date. Obviously this requires you to be online so that we can load and save this information.

Additionally when you start up the Country Cottage the program checks to see if anything needs to be updated. This is an important process to make sure that the application is safe and up-to-date.

This applies to all versions of the Country Cottage: PC/Mac, iOS and Android, and to the Summer Garden and Kitchen expansion packs.