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How can I see all the cards that I've received?

If you log on to jacquielawson.com, go to My Details, and then go to Cards Received, you will see a list of all the cards you have received via jacquielawson.com – right back to when we launched jacquielawson.com in 2002!

They're listed in pages 12 at a time, and you can narrow down the list by selecting a particular year.

I am not a member – can I still view cards sent to me?

Yes – just register here. This will let you log on to our website (but not send cards, because sending cards requires a paid subscription.

Once you have registered you will be able to view all cards sent to the email address which you gave when you registered. That includes cards sent before you registered, right back to 2002!

What about old cards, including Flash cards?

All cards are listed here, but you won't be able to view some older cards if the card is no longer available – normally because it was made using Flash, which is no longer available. (Note that even if the card has since been re-written to use our new video format instead of Flash, you still won't be able to view it, because technically the new video card is a different card.)

A card sent to me is not listed here!

If a card is not listed here, the chances are that it was sent to a different email address – maybe an old address you used to use. You can still view those cards but you would have to create an account for that old email address.

Can I reply to the card from this page?

Yes, if you view the card then the reply facility (if available) will still be there so you can reply to the sender.