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How can I earn more rewards in the Country Cottage?

There are several ways of earning points in the Country Cottage (and Summer Garden and Kitchen expansion packs), as follows:

Play games.Each game has its own scoring table and obviously the number of points you can earn will vary according to how good you are at the game!

Daily bonus.If you earn 500 points in a day, you get a bonus of 100 points. See below for a description of exactly how this works.

Send messages from your writing desk.Every time you send a message from the writing desk in the Country Cottage you get 20 points.

Send ecards from our website.If you're a member of our ecards service, you will also earn a bonus of 100 points for sending ecards. See below for a description of exactly how this works.

Daily bonus

The daily bonus of 100 points is most easily explained by an example. Suppose you start playing games at 9am on Monday. If you earn a total of 500 points or more within 23 hours – i.e. before 8am on Tuesday – then you will get the 100 point bonus. Then if you start playing again on Tuesday at 10am, the 23-hour clock starts again and you have until 9am on Wednesday to get to the 500 point milestone and earn your bonus.

Ecards bonus

You get a bonus of 100 points for sending an ecard. However you only get this bonus once every 6 hours. It makes no difference if you send multiple cards or the same card to multiple recipients: you can only earn 100 points per 6-hour period. But 6 hours after sending the first card, you can earn another 100 points the same way.

Can rewards earned in the Cottage be used in the Summer Garden and Kitchen, and vice-versa?

Yes. The rewards earned in the Cottage and all its expansion packs are all interchangeable.