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I have a question about the Search option.

Our new Search option will let you search the entire Jacquie Lawson website by entering key words. You'll find the search box in the top left hand corner of every page of our website.

The best way of using it is to enter individual key words - such as "cat" or "dog" or "birthday". The longer the phrase, the less likely it is to find a match. Try using the singular form of words instead of the plural, and generic words rather than specific (e.g. "dog" rather than "spaniel").

At present the main purpose of the search is to let you find ecards – so for example you can search for "cat" to get a list of cards featuring cats.

The search feature is very new at the moment and we're gradually improving it based on what you, our users, are actually searching for – which is quite difficult to predict!

If you find a search term which doesn't produce the correct results, please bear in mind that just by doing that search, you have already helped us, and we're reviewing all the searches that people make so that we can improve the facility as we go along.

If you find something if obviously missing or not working properly, please do let us know by taking the third option below to contact our helpline.