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We're aware of a problem with accented characters in the sender's name - this will cause an error page to be shown and the card will not be sent. To remedy this, please make sure that the letters in the sender's name are unaccented and do not include characters such as or .

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Welcome to the help pages. The following are the top questions asked - please check if your question is in this list:

  1. What's new

  2. Gift Basket
  1. Sending e-cards

  2. I need step by step instructions on how to use this site
  3. I sent the card to the correct address but the recipient says it never arrived
  4. I need to re-send a card
  1. I am trying to view a card

  2. How to view a card
  3. When I view a card I get a blank screen
  4. Why do I have to download the Flash Player?
  1. Logging in

  2. I have forgotten my password and forgotten or no longer have access to my email address
  3. I have changed my email address
  4. Questions about the automatic logon facility
  5. Questions about cookies
  1. Payment and renewals

  2. How to join
  3. I would like to pay by cheque or money order but cannot find your address to send the money to
  4. I do not want to renew
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