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Logging on, membership, gifts, payments, renewal

I have changed my e-mail address
I have forgotten my password
Please cancel / do not renew my membership
I have a question about automatic log-on
I want to change my password, payment information, address or other details
How do I become a member of
I have a question about methods of payment and currencies
I am unable to log-on
When does my membership expire?
I have a question about Gift Membership
You have renewed my membership without my permission!
Why did you charge me twice?!
Please renew my membership using the same card details as last year
How do I renew, and how much does it cost?
Why did you decline my credit or debit card payment?
How long does membership last, and how many cards can I send?
I am getting a new computer. How do I transfer my membership?
I have a question about the Order History page

Viewing and sending e-cards and note cards

I need step by step instructions on how to use this site
I sent a card to the correct address but the recipient says it never arrived
How to send an e-card, note card or photo card
Someone sent me a card. How do I view it?
Problems viewing cards (including blank screen, no music, other anomalies)
I need to cancel or re-send a card
What is the Flash Player and why do I have to download it?
I have a question about Card History and Cards Pending
I have a question about the Address Book and Birthday Reminders
I need help installing the Flash Player
I have a question about Facebook
Can your cards be viewed on an iPhone, iPad or other phone or tablet?
If I send to multiple recipients, will they all see the other recipients' addresses?
Can I change the caption or greeting on a card I send?
Can I use more than one e-mail address for sending cards?
You keep telling me an e-mail address is incorrect when it is perfectly OK!
I sent a card but the recipient says they cannot view it
Can I download the cards to my computer?
How do I book a card to be sent on a future date?
What's the difference between e-cards, note cards and photo cards?
I have a question about entering the age on the children's birthday cards
How do I change the sender's name on the cards I send?

Advent Calendar, Circus, Quick Send Widget and other downloads

I purchased Advent Calendars but I, or one or more recipients, never received them
I have a question about purchasing the Advent Calendar and Circus
How do I download and install the Advent Calendar or Circus?
General troubleshooting for Advent Calendar and Circus
What is Adobe AIR and why do I need it?
I need help installing Adobe AIR
There's no Download button!
I need to resend an Advent Calendar, Circus, or Gift Membership
I lost my activation code for the Advent Calendar or Circus
How do I uninstall the Advent Calendar, Circus, or Quick Send Widget?
What versions of the Advent Calendar are available this year?
Tell me about the web versions of the Advent Calendars
The icon for the Advent Calendar or Circus has disappeared from my screen!
Why didn't I get a free Advent Calendar?
I see a blank screen when I try to view the Advent Calendar or Circus
I am a paid member. Why do I need to pay for the Advent Calendar or Circus?
I have non-activated Advent Calendars from last year!
How do I prevent the Advent Calendar or Circus from starting automatically?
I have a question about the music in the Advent Calendar or Circus
I downloaded the Advent Calendar, but it says to come back on 1st December
The Advent Calendar or Circus runs slowly
I need to cancel my Advent Calendar or Circus order
I have a question about Screensavers
I have a question about the Quick Send Widget
I have a question about the Character Widgets (Jack, Chudleigh)
I have a question about the iPad versions of the Advent Calendars

Other questions

Why are you not answering my e-mails?!
What are the minimum technical requirements for your products?
How do I stop getting e-mail from you?
I have a question about cookies
I have an idea for a new card!
Can you do private commissions?
How do I set up a shortcut to click on to go to your site?
Would you like to use my artwork/music/poetry in your e-cards?
Can't you stop people forwarding cards without paying for membership?
I just want to comment on your site or service, and do not require a reply